Machıne Properties

  1. Filling system with pneumatic vibration
  2. Heating system with thermostat
  3. Material collecting unit
  4. Able to fiil profiles with different thickness simultaneously
  5. Electrical system complian with general safety rules
  6. SIEMENS is used for the electric accessory


Machıne Propertıes

  1. 4 Pneumaticcupping glass thatimmobilize the heat isolated forgeable glass
  2. Easy ripped and sticked cupping glass for the glasses with small dimensions
  3. Supportıng tappets fort he usage of glasses with big dimensions
  4. Buttress pedal with controlled and easy usage
  5. 90 degree and 360 degree circular rotation for every step
  6. SIEMENS is used for the electrical accesory

Technical Propertıes

  1. Tension:220 V
  2. Frequency:50 Hz
  3. Total Power:0,005 Kw
  4. Air Pressure:6 Bar
  5. Air Consumption:15 lt/min
  6. Length:1800 mm
  7. Width:400 mm
  8. Height:1950 mm
  9. Weight:60 kg