Founded in Eskişehir in 2000 ÖZMEN Glass Machinery Company Insulating Glass, Glass Processing Machines (washing machines, cutting tables, rotary table, dehumidifiers, butyl, tyakol, press lines, mini-grinding, single head grinding, two-headed grinding, four-headed running in six lapping head, duct machine, jerseys and machine beveling machine); design, manufacturing, sales and technical support to carry out their activities.

        Turkey is also ambitious about Ozmen Glass Machinery is a global brand that alternative export a portion of its production today. Iran, Afghanistan, Romania, Ukraine, Cyprus, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Belgium as country roads to the machine. With 25 employees in its own 1500 m² production facility the company continues its production activities; It has the capacity to meet customer demands on time. What we are always ready and react quickly to customer requests, taking the machine. R & D department to improve our product range and we are working to improve.

            Our policy is able to provide quality products at a good price. As a result, "our customers ensure the continuous satisfaction" We continue our efforts to implement our principles. We believe we are and we will be permanent. Giving employees the necessary training of personnel, to make them conscious of customer-oriented work and efficiency with the best technology possible, not quality goods cheaply and selling cheaply is continuing its research to present our company mission. annual care whether 10-year warranty service, our company and our washing machines are made free of charge by the technical team.