Machıne Propertıes

  1. Manuel action system with x and y coordinate
  2. The digital consider with x and y coordinate
  3. Changing coordinate with pneumatic control
  4. Passing vertical position tray for emborking the glass plate
  5. Air cushing system that provides the easy movements of glass plate
  6. Decomposition the sour glasses with controlled pneumatic abrasive sticks 
  7. SIEMENS is used for the electrric accesory

Technical Properties

  1. Cuttable Measurement: 3210x6000 mm
  2. Cuttable Thickness: 2-19 mm
  3. Voltage:400 V 3 NPe AC
  4. Frequency:50 Hz
  5. Total Power:13 kW
  6. Air Pressure: 6 Bar
  7. Air consumption:100 I/min
  8. Length:6200 mm
  9. Width:3550 mm
  10. Height:1350 mm
  11. Weight:5500 kg