Machıne Propertıes

  1. Stainless steel and sound izolated washing cabin
  2. 4 and 6 brushes balanced with high circuit in the washing cabin 
  3. The control of for the glass to walk
  4. The high sensitivity brushes fort he covered glass washing
  5. The homojen brusch touching with the different glass thickness
  6. Heater drying fan and sound izolated cabin
  7. Heating, stainless steel water tank 
  8. The level control system for water store with float
  9. Direction of the work from left to right
  10. SIEMENS is used fort he elektric accessory

Technical Propertıes 

  1. Proccessing Dimension (min: 170/350 mm - max:2000/2700 mm)
  2. Voltage:400 V 3 NPE AC
  3. Frequency:50 Hz
  4. Total Power:20 Kw
  5. Length:8000 mm
  6. Width:1000 mm
  7. Height:3200 mm
  8. Weight:1300 kg